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The TicSalut Foundation is an agency within the Ministry of Health that works to promote the development and use of ICT and networking in the field of health, acts as an observatory for new trends, innovation and monitoring of emerging initiatives and provides services for the standardisation and accreditation of products.

The implementation of ICT in the health sector is now unstoppable and is seen as one of the most transformative elements in the health sector of the future. The fact that the health sector in Catalonia covers 100% of citizens within a framework of universal and public coverage, together with the involvement of a variety of agents, organisations, suppliers and subsidiary industries, puts the health sector in an excellent position to act as an economic innovator and energising influence in the use of new technologies.


Based on a proposal by the Ministry of Health, during a session on 19 September 2006, the government authorised the creation of the ICT and Health (TicSalut in its Catalan form) Centre Foundation. On 9 October it was formed in Mataró within the Mataró-Maresme TecnoCampus technology park.

The TicSalut Foundation consists of various public departments involved in the areas of health, social welfare and information and communication technology, as well as groups of hospitals and health centres. The activities of the Foundation are focused on: its role as an observatory, with the development of the Map of Trends and the Innova Salut Map; the role of innovation, with the Telemedicine and Telecare Plan, and relations with international projects; standardisation, through the Office of Interoperability and Standards, and finally the role of its publications, with the monthly publication of TicSalut Newsflash and its involvement in social networks, etc.

The Foundation also has three advisory committees: the Business Advisory Board, the Professionals and Citizens Advisory Board and the Scientific Advisory Board.

Patrons of the Foundation

  • Ministry of Health
  • Ministry of Social Welfare and Family
  • Ministry of the Presidency
  • Ministry of Business and Employment
  • Mataró City Council
  • Catalan Health Service
  • Catalan Institute of Health
  • Health and Social Consortium of Catalonia
  • Association of Health and Social Entities
  • Catalan Association of Health Entities



companies are part of the Business Advisory Council


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